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TSF Counselling

TSF Counselling - How counselling helps

Counselling/Psychotherapy can help in a wide variety of ways including:


  • To talk over issues that are causing problems
  • Look at problem solving strategies
  • Help come to terms with losses
  • Change thought patterns
  • Re-frame belief systems
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Alter cognitive behaviours
  • Discuss alternative ways to deal with problems
  • Build better relationships
  • Help heal past hurts
  • Learn to Understand yourself and the relationships you have with people better.
  • Deal with life stages
  • Look at what has been passed down from previous generations
  • Help to look at parenting styles
  • Understand your child better
  • Children & Young people dealing with parents separation
  • Manage your Anxieties better
  • Build better loving relationships
  • Build better intimate relationships
  • Simply a safe place to talk about your feelings


If you would like to arrange an appointment for an initial chat, please call me on 07973 133254. Please leave a message as I may not be able to take a call if I am with a client. Or you can email me on and I'll get back to you.